What we do

What we do

PR strategy

A well thought out strategy underpins everything we do.

A good PR strategy starts with an indepth understanding of your landscape – your audiences, your competitors and your issues.

The vehicle is often qualitative and quantitative research. From this, we can help you make strategic decisions about the positioning of your organisation, the messaging that will best change opinions, and the communications activities that will help you realise your business goals.

Community consultation

Consulting neighbours is a necessity. It’s Government policy and a basic right – as well as a prime factor in permission. But it has to be done well - and properly documented.

One-to-one and face-to-face is the ideal communication technique, whether that be through creating a forum to bring together those who matter, or via a public exhibition. You also need to consider managing the media, and harnessing the power of the web as a consultation tool. We can guide you through sometimes choppy waters.

Writing & publications

Words create history. They are a powerful tool when used well. But likewise, poor writing can lose your audience’s interest before you’ve even


At Muddy Boots, we pride ourselves on our wordsmithing – honed through years in the business and in journalism. Whether it be crafting a brochure, writing snappy website content, or complementing the visuals in a video, we’re your people.

Video & Animation

We’re a big fan of words, but it’s true that a picture can speak a thousand of

them. Simple and hard-hitting videos can turn a dull awards ceremony into a dynamic stage show. They can deliver health and safety messages to your workforce far more effectively – and with a longer-lasting legacy – than a brochure alone.

One of our most popular services right now involves two to three-minute programmes for client websites.

Animation has a unique capacity for making sense of complex detail. That can be especially relevant when you are trying to communicate the detail of a sensitive planning application. Overcoming opposition may well depend upon providing reassurance on nitty gritty issues. If it’s appropriate, we can even create an accurate 3D visualisation to demonstrate “tomorrow’s world”.



We specialise in turning run-of-the-mill conferences and awards ceremonies into dynamic stage shows. With our video associates, we can create an audio visual spectacle that will have your audience buzzing for months to come.

We work with you on the themes and messaging of the event, and develop a programme with the right mix of pre-recorded videos and live presenter elements.

Web solutions

The web has enormous and growing power – but it’s awfully easy to get it wrong and, in doing so, to waste money. That’s why our web projects - whether sites, electronic newsletters, blogs or social media campaigns – always start with a strategy informed by benchmarking against what your competitors are doing.

Like any other comms tool, good web work is founded on words and emotion. We pride ourselves on getting both right before ever starting to build. We have also taken the time to understand what excites Google and search engine optimisation is built into our sites.

Media relations

Media coverage is one of the most effective – and cost-effective –

communication tools at your disposal. Third party editorial endorsement can be far more credible to your target audiences than a multi-million pound ad.

But getting those sought-after column inches is not easy. Once your positioning and messaging is right, we’ll develop a robust media campaign, craft well-written materials and ensure they get in front of the opinion-formers that matter. We’re also on hand to react to any negative coverage, and can provide a 24-hour crisis programme when the going gets tough.