CVideo means business

Video means business

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Video is a powerful PR tool because

  • We all love and (usually) believe telly
  • We remember what we see better than what we read
  • Video talks to you 
  • It can use music to create mood
  • It can simplify make difficult explanations using animation.


Video is versatile because

  • You can play it to a theatre full of people
  • ...or a single individual
  • ... on  a big screen, a tablet or even a phone
  • You can make it available 24/7 on the web
  • Or use it to galvanise an invited audience
  • It can motivate, inform and entertain in one package

Production stages

  • You brief us on your objectives
  • We translate that into a creative treatment and quote cost
  • We research and produce a script
  • We undertake detailed production planning
  • We film, record voice-over, add music and prepare graphics
  • We edit for approval
  • We deliver in a range of formats.



Think small

  • Two to three mins can be enough
  • ... to spark initial interest
  • ... to demonstrate the basics of a product or service
  • Shoot it in half a day
  • Edit in another half  day
  • Simple, cost-effective  - and memorable.

Key tips

  • Think first about your audiences
  • ... what matters to them?
  • And your key messages 
  • ... four is enough
  • Don't use words where pictures tell the story.

More tips

  • Don't film without an agreed script - it wastes time and money
  • Don't underestimate the potential value of music
  • Recognise that web loves video
  • Create a YouTube channel to host all your videos
  • Link to Facebook and Twitter to promote

Stuff we've done

    • To celebrate the opening of a new farm (for Eneco Wind UK)
    • Biodiversity - case studies to demonstrate action (for the Mineral Products Association)
    • Alternative fuels in the cement industry (for CEMEX UK)