The write way to do it

The write way to do it

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"Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind"

- Rudyard Kipling

Write or wrong?

    • The written word is a potent resource
    • Businesses sell themselves using words
    • But how many use them really well?
    • Great ideas are sold with good words
    • But opportunities are lost by failing with them
    • We all write - but how many of us do it well?

Press releases

    • Big newspapers receive hundreds every day
    • … most are binned
    • Less is more – don’t overwrite
    • Keep it simple – use short sentences, avoid jargon and hype
    • Write for the reader – not for the sender
    • The essentials: Who? Where? What? When? Why?
    • Use quotes – journalists can’t change them?




    • Most of us face a mountain of reading material
    • Why should readers bother with what you write?
    • Will they remember it if they do?
    • Being an expert makes you readable - but you still have to deliver it well
    • Try breaking what you write into readable chunks
    • Put key facts into break-out boxes
    • Start with a summary – that may be all they read.

Video scripts

    • Script writing is for specialists
    • Words are secondary to vision
    • … and are often not needed
    • Make it colloquial rather than formal
    • Change the pace.




    • Poor punctuation destroys your credibility
    • Most people misuse commas – or don’t bother with them
    • Unnecessary use of capitals breaks the flow of the eye
    • Hyphens have a role
    • Is any tiny mark more abused than the apostrophe?
    • Use one of the national newspaper style guides as your bible.