CIgnore social media at your peril

Ignore social media at your peril

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A social media strategy is not a 'nice to have'

  • … it’s essential for a 21st C business
  • Social media is low cost and effective
  • … but reaches a massive audience
  • 2 in 3 businesses use blogs to engage their target audience
  • Almost half of people use Facebook to gather information about an organisation


Facebook isn’t just for friends

  • Use it to show prospects, clients and customers the ‘real you’
  • It’s not about talking at people – start debates
  • Create an opt-in strategy on your page:
    • a call to action to encourage non-fans to click ‘Like’
    • offer a valuable ‘giveaway’ in exchange for a name and email
    • grow your lead list and increase your fan base

Tweet for your supper

  • Don’t just push your messages – encourage a dialogue
  • Find out which of your audiences has Twitter IDs and follow them
  • … they’ll be notified and many will click through to your profile and follow you back
  • Tweet regularly – but don’t overload your audiences



Video is the hottest social media tool

  • Creating short videos is the top way of getting higher on Google
  • Produce 2-3 minute videos about your product / service / issues
  • … and feature on a custom YouTube channel

Key tips

  • Start by identifying the people you want to connect with
  • Where do they go online?
  • Don’t under or overload them with your message
  • If time’s limited, put all your efforts into the best channel for your audience

How can we help?

  • We can write you a social media strategy
  • … and ensure it fits with your wider objectives and activities
  • Short videos are our speciality
  • We can manage your social media outputs
  • … or give you the tools to do it yourself